Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"I could have punched her in the face!"

This is a direct quote from a friend of mine. We were chatting last night and she shared this story. She was at B&N a week or two ago and stood by as a woman walked up to a copy of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and said "Oooh! I wonder if this is based on the movie?"
I don't blame her. I could have punched her too.


  1. So, I knew this was here because of an e-mail! A big thank you to whoever got that working for me!

    Also, I could have punched her in the face but I probably would have just made some smart alec comment loud enough for her to hear (I'm a bit passive aggressive).

  2. You're right ... punching in the face may not be the bestest idea ... but if anyone ever deserved it, it might be her (or Hitler ... ;)